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Dear Reader,

There a couple things you should know about me. I'm not the typical girl-next-door. No, really--I didn't have neighbors until I went to college. My early life was simple with a hint of tragic and a lot of alone time. But this alone time wasn't lonely--it turns out I'm a deep introvert. But I love people. Well, people's minds. Because you are your mind. Everything that defines who you are, what the social science world calls your "self," is in your brain. According to a very smart man named Michio Kaku, "Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe" 

What I love about this quote is the use of the word "your." Every human on this earth is capable of incredible things. This brings me to my theories. I have been studying humans and human nature since I was two years old. I have ideas that dig deeper into the human psyche than any textbook I have ever read. The best part is, these ideas are developing on a daily basis, as I learn more. This is why my primary major is Sociology. My creative side (fiction writing) has led me to double major in English, and my interest in written expression has led me to write my theories down.

My interests go deep. I believe that the universe is connected. This makes me interested in connecting ideas about everything from quantum physics to space to atoms and neutrinos. Butler is with me on this one, I think. But my interest stems from psychology--my first point of relativity (see theory 1) and that's why I minored in psychology before deciding to double major. Finding your passion can take a while.

For those of you who are interested in this, you can find my theology here. This is all based in theory--until I get my hands on a research lab and a few brain scanning machines. My ideas also go as deep as microbiology and as complicated as quantum physics. But for now, I'll stick to sociology.

Theory 1
F = ma

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