Name: Rose
Occupation: Student and University Employee

Hello! I'm a consultant at Butler and Rose Consulting. You can call me Rose.

If you've read our mission statement (located here), then you know that Butler and I aim to provide quality advice, discussion and consulting to those who can benefit from our knowledge and analysis. 

About Me: Logic and Compassion are two of my core values. If you Google these terms, there are articles about how we can't use these parts of our brain at the same time. Personally, I have grown to believe the opposite: I believe that logic and compassion must work together in our minds, as two equally important sides of analyzing our world.

There is compassion and emotion embedded in our everyday lives. A negative conversation or thought can throw your entire morning out of wack. Sometimes, we just wake up on the wrong side of bed. A single cup of coffee can make my day better. A hug can do the same.

Why, then, do we run from our emotions and try to separate it from logic? The first step is realizing that emotion isn't based on logic. By nature, it is illogical and sometimes, that emotion takes over. But that doesn't mean we have to let it take over. By understanding our motivations, as well as those around us, we can overcome many of the communication issues in our lives. By taking a compassionate, understanding approach to the world around us, we can analyze the world with an unbiased perspective. This is what I wish to give those around me.

So who can benefit from our knowledge? Hopefully that's you. But I don't like assuming things, so I've compiled a list of what I consider my best qualifications to help you. If you need advice or brainstorming related to the topics below, feel free to shoot me an email at

I have an academic background in: sociology, psychology, business, leadership and philosophy

About Me: I am currently attending a University and will receive my bachelor's degree in Sociology and English in 2015. My passion is with people. I have met many amazing and talented individuals, and my goal is to help them any way I can. To learn more, you can visit my Google+ ( ) or ( ) 

One of my beliefs is that you should never take one person's word for something. Always ask around, including anything you read on this blog. So, I asked a few people to describe my advice giving and logic. Here's what they said:

"Well, you're very objective which I like in someone I'm getting advice from, you try to see all sides of the situation and try to approach things logically without letting personal feelings or experiences cloud your advice." ~ friend of 5 years

"You are a very logical informed advice giver. Very to the point. You have all the facts and apply it to the persons life. You have the psychological side that is needed to give good advice. You do not have a biased bone in your body. You are very non judgemental. The perfect advice giver ;-)" ~ sister (we must expect those who love us to fluff our egos, but I hope most of this was true!)

"Well you are very insightful. You give examples of similar situations in things you've experienced, whether it be from your life or media (at least with me) and you try your best to come up with solutions for a situation."  ~ friend of 9 years

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