Name: Butler
Age: 21
Occupation: Bookstore Clerk

Personality: Dynamic; colorful; athletic; nerdy; compassionate; inexperienced

Interests: Advertising; Beer; Cooking; Darts; Entrepreneurship; Frisbee; Gaming; HIMYM; Input; Juggling; Knife-Throwing; List-Making; MTG; Nocturnality; Old Stuff; Plumbing; QWOP; Rationalization; Skill Development; Tea; Universal Remote; Violins; Wisdom; Xena; Yoga; Zoology

Hobbies: While my interests change like the weather, my hobbies have generally stayed the same for a few years now. In my free time I watch anime, play video games, and expand my knowledge.

Hello all, I'm Butler. I have a vision of using this blog to help everyday people gain an extra perspective on their lives, and give them the knowledge they need to break through whatever problem they are facing. I'm a consultant, but I operate a little differently than Rose. When faced with a problem, I look at each one with a fresh perspective, and then quickly gather any knowledge needed to overcome the given obstacle. Often times, the obstacle becomes motivation for me to learn even more. I recognize that I can't help everybody on this Earth with my short while here, but I'll do my best to help anyone who contacts me.

This brings me back to my last hobby: expanding my knowledge. Right now, I'm not sure what I want to do in life. My passion is helping others, so I've decided to channel those two energies together, here at Butler and Rose Consulting.

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